Scaling Airhouse As A Logistics Marketplace With Kevin Gibbon | EM Group Chat #155

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Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #155 (4/4) with Kevin Gibbon, who's the CEO of Airhouse. Airhouse is a marketplace that helps simplify complex logistics & fulfillment for brands. Kevin was also previously the CEO of Shyp, a notable shipping marketplace that raised over $63M+ from top investors.

0:06 Intro
1:18 Kevin's background & learnings from Shyp
8:08 Marketplace challenges with Shyp
14:36 How Airhouse has evolved
18:44 Local network effects for Airhouse
21:09 The importance of sequencing when solving complex problems
23:29 Tips for founders building in logistics
24:53 The fundraising journey for Airhouse
28:29 Group Q&A on balancing capital efficiency with growth
30:43 Group Q&A on tips for team building & hiring
32:58 Group Q&A on hiring fractional executives

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