EM Group Chat #057: Republic Crowdfunding Platform Deep Dive With Kendrick Nguyen, Founder & CEO

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Kendrick Nguyen

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #057 (6/22) with Kendrick Nguyen, who's the founder of Republic. Kendrick was an early team member at AngelList, then went on to start Republic, which has become a leading crowdfunding platform for raising & investing in startups.

3:32 Starting Republic as a marketplace
7:02 An overview of Republic as a marketplace
8:35 How Republic expanded categories from startups to other investment asset classes
12:12 Republic's monetization model
14:20 How Republic has evolved as a marketplace
16:27 How Republic built community
21:45 Fundraising for marketplace startups & how Republic fits into the options
24:48 How marketplaces can leverage community capital
26:37 The Gumroad Republic campaign & raise
29:02 The right stage & type of startups to raise on Republic
35:05 The traits for the most successful raises on Republic
45:21 How startups can engage & activate investors through Republic
49:40 The timeline for raising on Republic

Kendrick on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KendrickEsq
Republic: https://republic.co

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