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An online program & course for launching a marketplace startup

We've created an online course & program for building, launching, & scaling a marketplace startup. Learn from the best marketplace founders & leaders at your own pace so you can launch a marketplace in 2-3 weeks.
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We're currently finishing up the course content & curriculum with plans to make Marketplace School live in 30-45 days. By entering your email above, you'll be the first to have access.


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What is Marketplace School?

Marketplace School is an online course & program that we've created to help aspiring marketplace founders learn how to start a marketplace startup. It's an initiative by the Everything Marketplaces community to help make information, advice, insights, & resources readily available to those that are looking to start a marketplace. The program is self-guided, online, and lasts 2-3 weeks.

A preview of the Marketplace School curriculum

The self-guided online course is broken down into the following stages

01. Welcome
02. Introduction to marketplaces
03. Idea stage
04. Getting started
05. Building & launching
06. Supply & demand
07. Marketing, expansion, & growth
08. Fundraising
09. Marketplace operations, team building, & hiring
10. Network effects
11. Marketplace founder advice & tips
12. Summary
13. Extra resources & $50k in deals on tools & services

How it works

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Take our self-guided online course
Take our self-guided course online that will take you through all of the steps required to build, launch, & scale a marketplace startup.
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Use our online course to take action & the steps to build your marketplace startup over the course of a few weeks.

Learn from the best in marketplaces

The course is led by Yoroomie and features pervious recordings of our group chats, workshops, and even Q&A with the founders and teams that have built marketplaces like Airbnb, Hipcamp, Turo, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Grailed, and more. Every part of the curriculum uses content that is tailored to help you learn from the best.
"Marketplace School is an incredible resource for those that are looking to start a marketplace. I was stuck in pre-launch and after going through the online course, I have a better understanding of the path forward, our priorities, and how we'll get there." -Susanne, Marketplace Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Marketplace School
Is there a cost to join Marketplace School?
Marketplace School is available to all Everything Marketplaces members. This is an initiative by Everything Marketplaces and we believe that marketplaces are some of the most complex, challenging, but rewarding types of startups, so it should be easier to start one. We want to inspire, educate, and bring together the most ambitious marketplace founders, so we're making Marketplace School part of our membership.
Who is Marketplace School for?
Marketplace School is for aspiring and current marketplace founders. We've broken down the course & curriculum into stages so that you can easily find the best place to start. If you're ambitious, motivated, and looking to start a marketplace startup, Marketplace School is for you.
If I haven't started a marketplace yet should I join?
Yes! We welcome everyone and that includes aspiring marketplace founders that might not even have their big idea yet. The curriculum is designed to help you think through your idea, help you understand marketplaces as businesses, and we even provide resources such as a framework you can overlay on your idea in the earliest stages to better evaluate it.
What can I expect from being part of Marketplace School?
By being part of Marketplace School, you're immediately part of an ambitious group of marketplace founders, teams, & leaders. You'll gain access to a course that's broken down into modules where you can go from idea to launched marketplace in 2-3 weeks. The course if primarily video and text based, but you'll also have access to the Everything Marketplaces community and a dedicated Marketplace School space. You'll be able to post an introduction, talk through each module, get help from others, potentially meet Co-founders, and more.
How do I apply to join?
We're currently finalizing the course curriculum and plan to make Marketplace School accessible in 30-45 days. You can enter your email on this page so that you're the first to know when Marketplace School is live.
How can I access the community?
If you're looking to access the Everything Marketplaces community you can request to join here. By being part of Everything Marketplaces, you'll have access to the active community of 1,200+ marketplace founders, teams, & leaders, our weekly community events (group chats, office hours, fundraising meetings, et), member resources, member deals, and more.

Learn from the best marketplace founders & leaders

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