Partner with us

Partner with us

Want to partner with us and reach marketplace founders & teams? We're a community that's quickly grown to 550+ marketplace founders, teams, & leaders that are actively having conversations in our community every day. We also have a newsletter that's opened & read by thousands every week.

Here's a few ways that we're currently working with the marketplace ecosystem:

Funds & Investors - Submit your information to our marketplace investor directory here and also join our community by selecting a membership here. Once you join, our team will reach out to you for more on accessing deal flow from our community.

Funds & investors can also help support our community by buying memberships for marketplace portfolio companies. Please send us a message about this here if you're interested in doing so & ensuring your portfolio companies are part of the most helpful community for marketplace founders & teams.

Tools & Services - Add your tool or service to our marketplace toolkit here and also join our group by selecting a membership here. Once you join, our team will reach out to you, your tool or service will be made live on our toolkit, and we can share it with the group. If you'd also like to offer a group deal and have it announced to our community, featured on our member deals page, in our newsletter, or even a custom-tailored workshop, you can send us a message to explore a paid partnership here.

We're currently partnering with top companies like Stripe, Segment, & others and are selectively exploring new partners to add. If you're a fund, tool or service, accelerator, incubator, or other company that's interested in exploring a paid partnership with our community, you can send us a message here.