The Everything Marketplaces Podcast

The Everything Marketplaces Podcast

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September 24, 2023

One of the most common things that we hear from founders in the community is how much they enjoy our group chats. Our group chats are virtual events for the community, where we have marketplace founders & leaders join us as guests every Tuesday. We've had 140+ now with marketplace founders & leaders like Grant LaFontaine from Whatnot, Andrew Chen from a16z, Ilir Sela from Slice, Sander Daniels from Thumbtack, Pete Flint from NFX, and more.

We know that our community members are busy though, so not everyone can join in on the group chats that we have every week. With that in mind, we've been sharing the group chat recordings as videos. One of the biggest requests has been also having an audio format, so that everyone can listen to them while on the go. That makes this long overdue, but we're excited to share that we now a podcast. The Everything Marketplaces podcast is a new audio version of our group chats.

Our first few episodes from recent group chats with Sri Batchu (prev. Instacart, Opendoor), Sarah Tavel (Benchmark), and Duncan Cock Foster (prev. Nifty Gateway) are live. You can find them on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Be sure to also subscribe after you listen to them so that you don't miss new episodes. You can also see our RSS feed here.

We'll continue to post the video recordings from our group chats, along with the audio version as a podcast episode every week. We'll also go back to share some of our most popular group chats that we've had in the past as podcast episodes over the next few months.

We're excited to launch the Everything Marketplaces podcast today and hope you enjoy listening to our first few episodes. If you do, please be sure to not only subscribe to them on your podcast platform of choice, but also leave us a review. We have lots of incredible group chat guests that will be joining us in the next few week, so some really great podcast episodes that we'll be sharing.

Not an Everything Marketplaces member? You can request access to join us here.