EM Group Chat #103: Building & Scaling Reibus As A Breakout B2B Marketplace With John Armstrong

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John Armstrong

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #103 (7/12) with John Armstrong, who's the Founder & CEO of Reibus. Reibus is a B2B marketplace for industrial materials (i.e: steel & aluminum). It's a breakout B2B marketplace that's raised $100M+ from top funds like Initialized Capital, Battery Ventures, Bowery Capital, FJ Labs, SoftBank, and more.

1:24 John's background
6:04  How John initially identified problems in the steel industry & the first steps for starting Reibus as a B2B marketplace
9:52 The challenges with innovating in an industry that hasn't seen change & educating customers
13:02 How Reibus onboarded their first few suppliers
16:36 An overview of Reibus as a B2B marketplace for buying & selling raw materials
21:48 How Reibus offers logistics & financing
24:06 How Reibus has raised $100M+ from top investors
29:01 Tips for early stage B2B marketplace founders
33:26 Group Q&A on how Reibus monetizes & B2B marketplace take rates
41:17 Group Q&A on how Reibus prevents marketplace disintermediation
47:02 Group Q&A on how John's roles & responsibilities as a CEO have evolved as they've scaled

John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-b-armstrong
Reibus: https://www.reibus.com

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