EM Group Chat #098: Managing The Founder Journey With Amy Buechler, Previously Y Combinator

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Amy Buechler

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat (5/24) with Amy Buechler, who was Y Combinator's first and only in-house Founder Coach and also their first Batch Director. Amy has worked with 1,000+ top startups founders, CEO's, & teams throughout her time at YC and continues to now work with some of the most high performing startup founders through her own practice.

0:06 Intro
1:25 Amy's background
2:20 Joining Y Combinator
4:52 Becoming Y Combinator's first hire as Batch Director & Founder Coach
8:28 How Amy worked with some of the top founders at Y Combinator
10:14 What a founder coach does
13:12 Common challenges founders face
18:30 Group Q&A on finding the right co-founder
25:54 Group Q&A on investor orientation for technical vs. non-technical founding teams
30:27 Group Q&A on being a solo founder, non-technical, & navigating fundraising being your authentic self as a founder
36:00 Group Q&A on how long a founder should work with a founder coach

Amy on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/amybue
More on Amy: https://www.thefoundercoach.com

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