EM Group Chat #101: Marketplace Product & Monetization Insights With Adi Thacker From Poshmark

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Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #101 (6/14) with Adi Thacker, who's currently VP of Monetization at Poshmark. Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for buying & selling fashion, home decor, beauty, & more. Prior to Poshmark Adi was at TikTok, where he led the TikTok Creative Exchange (TTCX), a marketplace for connecting businesses with advertisers. Adi was also previously the Product Lead for Facebook Marketplace Monetization, so he has some really incredible experience when it comes to marketplace product & monetization.

0:06 Intro
1:19 Adi's background
3:31 Leading Facebook's Marketplace Monetization Team
5:50 Challenges & learnings from Facebook Marketplace
7:27 Joining TikTok to lead building their B2B Marketplace & Monetization
9:41 How TikTok built a B2B Marketplace to connect businesses with advertisers
12:40 Going from initial testing to automating & scaling TikTok's B2B Marketplace
14:24 Key learnings from Facebook Marketplace & TikTok
17:48 Joining Poshmark
19:48 When & how marketplaces can think about monetization
23:11 An overview of Poshmark as a social marketplace
25:54 Levers marketplaces can use to increase liquidity
27:21 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
30:31 Group Q&A on how existing businesses & leadership teams can think about launching a marketplace
34:11 Group Q&A on marketplace take rates & what enables marketplaces to charge specific take rates
38:18 Group Q&A on how to initially validate a marketplace need & test monetization
41:50 Group Q&A on ways to increase marketplace revenue with existing bookings or commerce
49:15 Group Q&A on examples of rules for connecting supply & demand when manually matching in the early stages

Adi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adityathacker
Poshmark: https://www.poshmark.com

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