EM Group Chat #085: Building & Scaling Lawtrades With Ashish Walia

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Ashish Walia

Recording of Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #085 (1/25) with Ashish Walia, who’s the Co-founder of Lawtrades. Lawtrades is an online marketplace for hiring legal professionals that's used by top companies like DoorDash, Yelp, Pinterest, and many more. It’s a fast growing marketplace and they also recently announced their Series A round.

0:05 Intro
1:04 Ashish's background
2:04 Starting Lawtrades
5:09 How Lawtrades pivoted early-on
5:55 Pivoting from working with early stage startups to mid-market & enterprise companies
8:18 The Lawtrades marketplace experience
9:26 Why Lawtrades is a managed marketplace
10:20 How Lawtrades adds value as a marketplace beyond initially matching
12:28 The typical needs that companies use Lawtrades for
13:28 The biggest challenges with running Lawtrades
15:22 How Lawtrades is attracting & onboarding talent
17:08 How Lawtrades is focused on upskilling talent
17:44 How Lawtrades is activating passive talent
20:40 How Lawtrades has recently accelerated growth
22:58 The fundraising journey raising a Series A
28:44 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
33:48 Group Q&A on how Lawtrades leverages content marketing
41:35 Group Q&A on being sales-driven as a marketplace
48:07 Group Q&A on how Lawtrades is thinking about community
50:46 Group Q&A on marketing & growth experiments that didn't work
53:24 Group Q&A on why Lawtrades primarily works with freelance talent instead of larger law firms
55:27 Group Q&A on how Lawtrades found & measured product market fit

Ashish on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AshishW203
Lawtrades: https://www.lawtrades.com

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