Announcing Our Partnership With Balance

Announcing Our Partnership With Balance

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February 3, 2022

B2B marketplaces have very specific needs when it comes to payments. We've spoken with 50+ B2B marketplaces in the Everything Marketplaces community to learn more about these needs and some of the best payments solutions. After speaking with them, Balance was one of the most mentioned solutions. After learning more about Balance, getting to know their team, commitment to marketplaces, and building a solution for the specific needs of B2B marketplaces, we began to explore a way to work closely together and better support B2B marketplace founders & teams. We're excited to now announce we've taken the next steps and are partnering with Balance as the leading payments solution for B2B marketplaces.

For those who might not be familiar with Balance, it's an all-in-one payments solution that's built for B2B marketplaces specifically. It offers a seamless experience for buyers, vendors, & also marketplace operators. Balance also allows marketplaces to offer the best buyer experience, net terms and payment method flexibility, instant vendor payouts, and more, while also ensuring full marketplace compliance.

We're excited to announce our partnership with Balance, where we'll soon be offering our community dedicated office hours on topics like payments for B2B marketplaces with their support, collaborating to create content for helping B2B marketplace founders better understand payments, and overall make processing payments as a B2B marketplace easier. You can also see the Balance listing on our marketplace toolkit (here) for more information about how you can get started using Balance as a marketplace, examples of marketplaces that use Balance to power their payments, and also access the Everything Marketplaces member deal. You can also join us in the community where we have a space for discussing everything payments for B2B marketplaces.

Want to access the Balance member deal? You can request to join us here, which will give you access to Balance member deal, resources, and the Everything Marketplaces community.