EM Group Chat #128: Leading Marketplace & Product Insights With Udi Milo

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Udi Milo

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #128 (3/28) with Udi Milo, who's the CEO of Fibo. Fibo is a marketplace that's helping make it easier for people to invest in real estate. Prior to starting Fibo, Udi was a product leader at top companies like Pinterest, Lyft, & Tinder.

1:16 Udi's background
3:08 Udi's product experience at Pinterest
4:37 Joining Lyft to lead driver & rider engagement
8:58 Learnings from Lyft
13:44 Joining Tinder to lead product & growth
18:48 How Tinder increased their velocity & exited the pandemic with record growth
22:32 The founding story of Fibo
25:46 The first steps to starting Fibo
28:17 An overview of Fibo as a marketplace for investing in real estate
30:20 How Fibo has acquired properties to build initial supply
32:46 How Fibo is leveraging blockchain as a marketplace
36:41 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
39:21 Group Q&A on the fundraising journey & how Fibo selected their initial markets
44:12 Group Q&A on marketplace referral programs & incentives
46:18 Group Q&A on when to expand into new markets as a marketplace

Udi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/udimilo
Fibo: https://fibo.finance

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