EM Group Chat #130: Leading Talent & Hiring Marketplace Insights With Irem Metin

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Irem Metin

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #130 (4/11) with Irem Metin. Irem was recently the VP of Product (Product Expansion & Growth) at Upwork, which is a leading hiring & work marketplace. Prior to Upwork, Irem was also at Shiftgig & TripAdvisor, so has some really incredible experience when it comes to product, then expansion & growth more specifically for marketplaces.

0:06 Intro
1:05 Irem's background
2:49 Irem's experience at TripAdvisor
4:57 How TripAdvisor thought about marketplace expansion with new categories & offerings
8:25 What TripAdvisor did exceptionally well
10:40 Joining Shiftgig
12:06 An overview of Shiftgig as a talent & hiring marketplace for gig workers
14:58 Challenges with gig economy & hiring marketplaces
17:40 Learnings from Shiftgig & their marketplace pivot
21:48 Joining Upwork as the VP of Product
24:13 Growth & expansion at Upwork
27:36 Managing categories at Upwork as a horizontal marketplace
30:08 How Upwork approached building tools for talent
31:18 How Upwork prevented marketplace disintermediation
34:06 Marketplace ratings & reviews
39:19 Group Q&A on marketplace design & matching
43:21 Group Q&A on balancing product roadmap with marketplace supply & demand

Irem on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iremmetin

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