EM Group Chat #135: Building & Scaling Roofstock As A Leading Real Estate Marketplace With Gary Beasley

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Gary Beasley

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #135 (7/11) with Gary Beasley, who’s the CEO of Roofstock. Roofstock is a leading online marketplace for buying single-family rental homes. Roofstock has scaled to over 15k+ homes under management and has also raised over $400M+ from top investors like Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bain Capital, and Canvas Ventures.

1:11 Gary's background
4:59 Key learnings from ZipRealty
6:29 Starting Roofstock as a marketplace & overcoming the cold start problem
10:07 How Roofstock initially built trust with home buyers
14:00 An overview of Roofstock as a leading marketplace for buying single-family rental (SFR) homes
19:18 How Roofstock has launched new products, services, & expanded
24:26 Challenges operating in the real estate & housing markets
27:50 How Roofstock manages marketplace liquidity across markets
30:34 Fundraising tips after raising $400M for Roofstock from leading venture funds
34:03 Group Q&A on how Roofstock initially approached real estate agents & brokers
38:19 Group Q&A on tips for navigating regulatory & legal risks
43:07 Parting advice

Gary on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-beasley-956647
Roofstock: https://www.roofstock.com

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