EM Group Chat #139: Leading Marketplace & Growth Insights From Instacart & Opendoor With Sri Batchu

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Sri Batchu

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #139 (9/5) with Sri Batchu, who's currently the Head of Growth at Ramp. Prior to Ramp, Sri led Growth Strategy & Ops at Instacart and was also on the early team at Opendoor. During his time there, they scaled revenue from $100M to $5B+. Sri is a leading mind when it comes to both marketplaces & growth and is also an active angel investor, with a portfolio of 20+ startup investments.

0:06 Intro
1:06 Sri's background
4:12 Sri's experience & key learnings from Opendoor
6:50 Marketplace challenges at Instacart
9:21 Leading Instacart's Ads business
13:46 Balancing Ads with the marketplace experience
17:16 Key learnings from Instacart as an operationally complex marketplace
19:51 Joining Ramp to lead growth
21:52 Unique challenges with Ramp as one of the fastest growing startups
23:55 Learnings from Ramp
26:08 Some of the biggest misconceptions with marketplaces & growth
28:10 How Sri evaluates marketplaces when angel investing
29:18 Group Q&A on when marketplaces should think about monetizing using Ads
32:46 Group Q&A on tips for navigating fundraising as an early stage marketplace founder
35:22 Parting advice

Sri's site: https://www.sribatchu.com
Sri on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/sri_batchu

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