EM Group Chat #062: Building & Scaling Shift Into A Leading Labor Marketplace With Mike Slagh

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Mike Slagh

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #062 (7/27) with Mike Slagh, who's the CEO of Shift. Shift is a career advancement platform for members of the US Military to discover careers, acquire new skills, and pursue new experiences at some of the best high growth companies. It’s quickly become a leading vertical labor marketplace that's backed by top venture funds like Andreessen Horowitz, Expa, and Structure Capital.

0:11 Intro
2:13 Mike's background
5:15 Why Mike started Shift
6:42 The problem Shift is solving for
9:20 An overview of Shift as a vertical labor marketplace
18:00 How Shift initially introduced immersion programs for hiring veterans with Defense Ventures
21:18 How Shift then partnered with the Department of Defense & high growth companies to scale cohort based programs with Defense Ventures
24:20 Shift's hiring marketplace & why it's important for creating opportunities
32:50 Group Q&A on what's been challenging & then the most successful with building Shift
38:20 How Shift is scaling immersion programs & career advancement
42:35 How Shift onboards & scales Employers to its hiring marketplace
47:26 Shift's team & Org structure
49:35 Group Q&A on the fundraising journey

Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeSlagh
Shift: https://www.shift.org

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