EM Group Chat #115: Starting Made Renovation As A Home Renovation Services Marketplace With Roger Dickey

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Recording of the Everything MarketplacesGroup Chat #115 (10/25) with Roger Dickey, who's the Co-founder & CEO of Made Renovation. Made Renovation is a marketplace for home renovation services, which is starting with a focus on bathrooms first. They recently announced their $23M+ Series A round from top investors like Founders Fund, Insight Partners, and more. Prior to Made Renovation, Roger was the Co-founder & CEO of Gigster, which was a marketplace for hiring software development teams that raised $30M+ from top funds like Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures, Greylock, and others. Roger also previously started Mafia Wars, which scaled to $400M+ in annual revenue and was notably acquired by Zynga.

1:17 Roger's background
3:15 Roger's experience starting Gigster as a marketplace for software development services
6:37 The biggest marketplace challenges & learnings from scaling Gigster
8:52 The founding story for Made Renovation
11:36 The first steps for starting Made Renovation as a marketplace
14:17 An overview of Made Renovation as a marketplace for home renovations
17:23 How managed Made Renovation is as a marketplace
19:39 How standard the offerings are for bathroom renovations & services
21:27 The markets that Made Renovation operates in
21:46 The Made Renovation new market launch & expansion playbook
23:37 The Made Renovation team & org structure
26:44 The future for Made Renovation
28:45 Some of the potential challenges in the future to scale
30:38 The fundraising journey & more on Made Renovation's recent $23M Series A round
37:01 Group Q&A on supply considerations when opening new markets & scaling
41:29 Group Q&A on marketing & demand acquisition through partnerships
45:46 Group Q&A on challenges with low frequency marketplaces in the talent & hiring spaces

Roger on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rogerdickey
Made Renovation: https://www.maderenovation.com

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