Starting ACV Auctions & Now Investing In B2B Marketplaces With Jack Greco | EM Group Chat #148

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Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #148 (1/9) with Jack Greco, who was previously the Co-founder of ACV Auctions. ACV Auctions is a leading wholesale automotive marketplace, which scaled to an IPO in 2021. Jack is also a prominent angel investor (with 200+ angel investments) and recently launched an early stage venture fund that's focused on investing in B2B marketplaces.

0:06 Intro
1:19 Jack's background
2:55 Why B2B marketplaces are great businesses
5:32 The founding story & first steps for starting ACV Auctions
9:48 An overview of ACV Auctions as a leading wholesale automotive marketplace
14:15 Solving for the hard side of the marketplace with ACV Auctions
19:21 Some of the biggest challenges with ACV Auctions as a B2B marketplace
23:47 Key learnings that Jack has taken with him to now investing
27:50 How Jack is investing in B2B marketplaces as an angel & now venture investor
31:51 What Jack looks for in founders & marketplaces when investing in them
36:27 Group Q&A on high touch vs. low touch marketplaces
39:34 Group Q&A on how to encourage buyer & seller overlap
43:07 Group Q&A on experimentation with B2B marketplaces
47:09 Group Q&A on fundraising tips for founders at the earliest stages
49:52 Parting marketplace advice

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