Starting Intro As A Marketplace For 1:1 Expert Advice With Raad Mobrem | EM Group Chat #154

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Raad Mobrem

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #154 (3/26) with Raad Mobrem, who's the CEO of Intro. Intro is a marketplace that makes it easy for people to book some of the most in-demand experts for personalized advice through 1:1 video calls. Intro is backed by top investors like 776 and a16z. Raad also previously started Lettuce, which was acquired by Intuit.

0:06 Intro
1:24 Raad's background
4:21 Key learnings from previously starting Lettuce
10:58 The founding story & first steps for starting Intro as a marketplace
18:40 How Raad initially convinced experts to join Intro & built supply
24:23 The strategy that Intro took for categories with experts
25:38 How Intro is driving demand
29:36 How Intro has raised from top investors like 776 & a16z
36:28 Group Q&A on how experts set pricing on Intro
42:18 Group Q&A on marketplace quality control
44:49 Group Q&A on how Intro prevents disintermediation
46:25 Group Q&A on how Intro could potentially match as a marketplace
49:16 Parting marketplace advice

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