EM Group Chat #086: Building Powered by People As A B2B Wholesale Marketplace With Ella Peinovich

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Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #086 (2/1) with Ella Peinovich, who's the CEO of Powered by People. Powered by People is a B2B wholesale marketplace connecting makers & brands with like-minded retailers. It's an earlier stage marketplace out of Kenya, but one that's rapidly growing and has started to come up regularly in the world of marketplaces.

0:05 Intro
0:59 Ella's background
3:32 The founding story for Powered by People
6:35 The first steps for starting Powered by People as a B2B wholesale marketplace
8:35 The initial GTM strategy for Powered by People
10:34 The specific problems Powered by People solves for with both supply & demand
13:24 How Powered by People helps highlight emerging brands
15:44 How Powered by People reaches & onboards brands
18:18 The categories on Powered by People & future category expansion
20:40 Challenges with being a product & goods B2B marketplace
22:54 How Powered by People monetizes
24:07 The Powered by People team & marketplace org structure
26:20 Tips for early stage B2B marketplace founders
28:54 Group Q&A on online vs. offline marketing for B2B marketplaces
32:43 Group Q&A on the challenges with B2B marketplaces
36:34 Group Q&A on introducing financial products & services as a B2B marketplace
39:38 Group Q&A on how to prevent disintermediation as a B2B marketplace
49:12 Group Q&A on tips for reaching retailers
54:45 Group Q&A on bootstrapping as a marketplace & avoiding risk with payments

Ella on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ella-peinovich-2a0bb943
Powered by People: https://www.poweredbypeople.com

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