EM Group Chat #092: Leading & Scaling Bus.com With Maxie Lafleur

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Maxie Lafleur

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #092 (3/25) with Maxie Lafleur, who's the CEO of Bus.com. Bus.com is a managed marketplace & network of local bus operators for on-demand fleet transportation. It's raised over $21M+ from top investors like Y Combinator, Jackson Square Ventures, Autotech Ventures, and more.

1:10 Maxie's background
1:50 Joining Bus.com as the CEO
2:49 The big opportunity for Bus.com as a marketplace
3:47 An overview of Bus.com as a leading transportation marketplace
5:26 The operators that use Bus.com on the supply side
6:25 The categories & types of transportation as supply on Bus.com
7:09 The markets that Bus.com operates in
8:46 How Bus.com operates as a managed marketplace
9:37 How Bus.com is layering on additional services & value add as a marketplace
10:35 How the pandemic impacted Bus.com & reshaped it as a marketplace
12:13 How Bus.com began working with local governments & municipalities
14:38 Pivoting Bus.com as a marketplace business
16:17 The Bus.com team & marketplace org structure
22:03 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
23:09 The OKR's that Bus.com focuses on
25:47 Group Q&A on being supply or demand constrained in new markets
30:55 Group Q&A on the GTM strategy with a SaaS marketplace offering
33:15 Group Q&A on recruiting & team building tips
40:23 Group Q&A on the frequency of bookings on Bus.com & related challenges
43:42 Group Q&A on offering financial services as a marketplace
47:07 Group Q&A on how Bus.com uses referrals to drive growth

Maxie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxielafleur
Bus.com: https://www.bus.com

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