Starting & Scaling AirGarage With Jonathon Barkl | EM Group Chat #149

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Jonathon Barkl

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #149 (1/23) with Jonathon Barkl, who's the Co-founder & CEO of AirGarage. AirGarage provides a full-stack parking management solution for parking garage & lots owners. They’ve pivoted from originally starting off as an "Airbnb for parking" into more of a managed platform solution and have scaled to become a leader in the space. They’re also backed by top investors like Floodgate, Founders Fund, and a16z.

1:21 Jonathon's background & founding story for AirGarage
4:03 The first steps for starting AirGarage
7:50 Some of the initial challenges building AirGarage as an "Airbnb for parking"
13:34 The problems AirGarage is solving for & overview of their fully-managed solution
17:12 The playbook AirGarage uses to launch & open new markets
20:16 How AirGarage uses dynamic pricing based on supply & demand
26:18 How AirGarage charges on a per-usage basis
30:19 The fundraising journey raising from top funds like Floodgate, Founders Fund, & a16z
33:17 Group Q&A on fundraising challenges when building in overlooked markets or categories
36:32 Group Q&A on the approach AirGarage took to replace a fragmented process & systems
41:46 Group Q&A on how AirGarage runs experimentation with pricing
46:26 Parting marketplace advice

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