Investing In Venture Scale Marketplaces With Jett Fein From Headline | EM Group Chat #153

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Jett Fein

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #153 (2/27) with Jett Fein, who's a Partner at Headline. Headline is a leading venture fund that’s invested in notable marketplaces like Gopuff, Farfetch, Rappi, Shipt, TheRealReal, and more.

1:09 Jett's background
3:22 What make marketplaces great businesses
6:05 An overview of Headline as a leading venture fund
9:15 Metrics that Headline looks for to help measure product-market fit
11:53 Marketplace benchmarks for raising a Series A round
14:17 Founder traits that Headline looks for when investing
16:42 Mistakes that founders make when fundraising
19:33 Trends & opportunities for marketplaces
21:31 Group Q&A on balancing capital efficiency vs. growth
24:31 Group Q&A on how Headline supports founders after initially investing
27:36 Group Q&A on marketplace types investors prefer
29:05 Group Q&A on how investors evaluate multiple marketplaces & pick a winner
32:31 Group Q&A on examples of marketplaces that have used strategies for one side to invite the other
37:09 Group Q&A on how founders can present retention metrics when fundraising
41:18 Group Q&A on how Headline evaluates marketplace repeatability
44:23 Parting marketplace advice

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