EM Group Chat #143: Marketplace Investor Insights With James Currier From NFX

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James Currier

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #143 (10/24) with James Currier, who's a Founding Partner at NFX. NFX is a leading venture fund that's invested in 80+ marketplaces like DoorDash, Lyft, Poshmark, Outdoorsy, Incredible Health, and more. James is a leading mind when it comes to both network effects & marketplaces and frequently publishes blog posts about them on the NFX blog.

0:06 Intro
1:28 James's background
3:01 Early founder & operator learnings
5:21 An overview of NFX as a leading venture fund
7:39 How NFX works with early stage founders & marketplaces
10:15 How NFX evaluates marketplaces
13:17 What differentiates the good vs. great marketplaces
15:51 The importance of the white hot center
17:49 Marketplace expansion
21:18 Characteristics & traits of the best founders
23:38 Opportunities with B2B marketplaces
26:04 How marketplaces can leverage AI
27:13 Pitfalls for marketplace founders
29:26 Group Q&A on trends for marketplaces to vertically integrate
32:13 Group Q&A on the impact LLM's will have on marketplaces
34:58 Group Q&A on how metrics driven early stage marketplaces should be
39:10 Group Q&A on benchmarks to raise a Seed round from NFX
41:50 Group Q&A on marketplace defensibility
46:21 Parting advice

James's blog posts: https://www.nfx.com/library/james-currier
James on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jamescurrier
NFX: https://www.nfx.com

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