EM Group Chat #066: Building & Launching UpsideHōM With Jake Rothstein, Founder & CEO

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Jake Rothstein

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #066 (8/24) with Jake Rothstein, who's the CEO of UpsideHōM. UpsideHōM has recently launched and is a platform for matching seniors with fully managed living options. Prior to UpsideHōM, Jake was also the Co-founder of Papa, which is a marketplace that pairs older adults & seniors with individuals for companionship. It’s notably raised over $91M in venture capital from top funds.

0:05 Intro
1:13 Jake's background
4:15 Building & launching Papa
6:36 How they solved for demand with Papa
9:23 Key learnings from Papa
10:09 The initial idea for UpsideHōM
13:04 How UpsideHōM gained the insights to build a platform for matching seniors with living options
15:56 Who UpsideHōM is for
The UpsideHōM platform experience
19:22 The human element & technology with UpsideHōM
20:40 The markets UpsideHōM operates in
21:03 How UpsideHōM seeds & launches new markets
22:24 How UpsideHōM markets to it's target demographic & reaches users
24:15 The fundraising journey with Papa & now UpsideHōM
25:55 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
29:22 Group Q&A on how to initially sell to & build supply
32:12 Group Q&A on being a three-sided marketplace
34:14 Group Q&A on worker classification with labor marketplaces
36:12 Group Q&A on when to invest heavily in tech
42:06 Group Q&A on when to think about expanding markets
44:37 Group Q&A on thinking through monetizing & testing adding additional value

Jake on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakerothstein
UpsideHōM: https://www.upsidehom.com

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