EM Group Chat #102: Building & Scaling Slice Into A $1B+ Marketplace With Ilir Sela

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Ilir Sela

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #102 (7/5) with Ilir Sela, who’s the Founder & CEO of Slice. Slice is a marketplace that’s redefining how people are ordering pizza from local pizza shops nearby. It’s one of the most referenced vertical marketplaces that’s scaled to being used 18K+ local pizza shops and has crossed over $1B+ in sales. They’ve also raised over $125M+ from top investors like FJ Labs, GGV Capital, Primary Ventures, and more.

0:05 Intro
1:23 Ilir's background
3:27 The first steps for starting Slice
8:08 How Slice initially onboarded local pizza shops by enabling online ordering
13:56 How Slice bootstrapped to over $3M/month GMV, then raised venture capital
15:31 The shift as a founder going from bootstrapping to building a venture scale marketplace
18:41 The Slice team
20:30 How Slice transitioned from primarily offering online ordering as a SaaS tool to launching new product offerings & marketplace
24:19 How Slice launched Slice Delivery Management, Slice Register (POS), & The Goods (supplies) as additional B2B products
27:53 The scale that Slice operates at
28:42 Tips for early stage vertical marketplace founders
34:21 Future plans for Slice & expansion
38:14 Group Q&A on the fundraising journey & how Ilir thought about valuation when raising
47:55 Group Q&A on how to focus on what matters & prioritize when building a SaaS enabled marketplace

Ilir on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/IlirSela
Slice: https://www.slicelife.com

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