EM Group Chat #131: A Deep Dive Into Freightos As A Leading B2B Freight Marketplace With Ruthie Amaru

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Ruthie Amaru

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #131 (4/18) with Ruthie Amaru, who's the Chief Product Officer at Freightos. Freightos is a leading B2B marketplace that's built the largest freight ecosystem network, along with the tools to help facilitate global trade.

0:06 Intro
1:09 Ruthie's background
3:52 What attracts Ruthie to marketplaces
5:41 An overview of Freightos as a leading B2B freight marketplace
8:17 How Freightos initially solved the chicken & egg by building SaaS tools for their supply
11:35 How Freightos built initial marketplace demand
14:38 How Freightos constrained to initial geographies & types of freight to initially build marketplace liquidity
17:35 How Freightos built trust as a marketplace
22:27 How Freightos encourages repeat transactions & prevents marketplace disintermediation
25:49 The Freightos team & org structure
27:05 Pivotal moments with growth for Freightos
30:45 Tips for B2B marketplace founders
33:43 Group Q&A on freight market & industry dynamics
34:54 Group Q&A on offering payments & credit as a B2B marketplace
37:17 Group Q&A on managing risk & offering guarantees as a B2B marketplace

Ruthie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruthieamaru
Freightos: https://www.freightos.com

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