EM Group Chat #147: Key Learnings & Insights From Uber's Exponential Growth With Emil Michael

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Emil Michael

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #147 (12/5) with Emil Michael, who was previously the Chief Business Officer at Uber. Emil was commonly referred to as Travis Kalanick's "right hand man" and was the the Chief Business Officer at Uber during their exponential growth from 2013-2017. Emil was also key to Uber's expansion in China, along with helping them raise $15B+ in capital while he was there. Emil is now a strategic advisor & investor in high growth startups.

1:14 Emil's background
3:39 Emil's role as the Chief Business Officer at Uber
6:54 Some of the challenges Uber faced with expansion into new markets during their exponential growth
9:45 The growth & scale Uber reached during the time Emil was there
11:24 How being first or second in a market impacted Uber
13:17 Uber's network effects
15:30 Emil's learnings around building the Uber brand
19:29 How Uber launched Uber Eats
22:11 How marketplaces can think think about layering on new services or offerings
24:08 Tips for team building & executive hiring
28:34 The fundraising journey for Uber raising $15B+
31:39 Group Q&A on how Uber evaluated new markets for expansion
33:59 Group Q&A on learnings & lessons from launching Uber Eats
37:57 Group Q&A on the role economists played at Uber
40:04 Group Q&A on how Uber incentivized drivers in the early days
43:07 Parting advice

Emil on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/emilmichael
Emil on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilmichael

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