EM Group Chat #099: Building & Scaling Bounce As A Breakout Marketplace With Cody Candee

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Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #099 (5/31) with Cody Candee, who's the Co-founder & CEO of Bounce. Bounce is a marketplace that's creating the largest retail network powering local services inside businesses. It's started by providing local storage for luggage, along with package acceptance at local businesses. It's recently scaled to over 1,000+ cities and they also just announced their $12M Series A round, which was led by Andrew Chen at a16z.

0:05 Intro
1:06 Cody's background
2:23 The founding story for Bounce
7:00 An overview of Bounce as a marketplace for local luggage storage & services at businesses
8:51 How Bounce expanded into offering package acceptance at local businesses
11:00 The markets that Bounce operates in
11:43 How Bounce launches new markets & has scaled to 1,000+ cities
13:00 The Bounce team & marketplace org structure
14:01 How Bounce has recently grown 38x as a marketplace
15:55 The day-to-day as the CEO of a breakout marketplace
17:10 The fundraising journey & raising a $12M Series A led that was by a16z
20:30 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
21:32 Group Q&A on how Bounce thought about launching local package acceptance & pricing
23:23 Group Q&A on how Bounce offers insurance as a marketplace
26:21 Group Q&A on the journey building Bounce prior to breakout growth
33:48 Group Q&A on some of the non-obvious problems that Bounce solves for with package acceptance
37:02 Group Q&A on how Bounce onboards suppliers & uses suppliers to generate demand
42:40 Group Q&A on fundraising strategy
48:36 Group Q&A on how investor interest changed with Bounce
51:51 Group Q&A on takes rates with lower average marketplace transaction amounts

Cody on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/codycandee
Bounce: https://www.usebounce.com

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