EM Group Chat #072: Labor Marketplace & Product Insights With Chris Brucia, VP of Product at Medely

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Chris Brucia

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #072 (10/5) with Chris Brucia, who's the VP of Product at Medely. Medely is the largest on-demand labor marketplace for healthcare staffing. Prior to Medely, Chris led product at Grubhub and Atom Tickets, so has some really incredible marketplace & product experience.

0:05 Intro
1:00 Chris's background
5:38 Leading product at Grubhub
10:55 Leading product at Atom Tickets
16:11 Biggest marketplace learnings
19:10 An overview of Medely as a labor marketplace
23:50 Supply & demand dynamics for Medely
25:10 How Medely focuses on markets at a per-market level
27:52 How Medely manages marketplace liquidity & KPI's
30:58 The roles & responsibilities as the VP of Product at Medely
33:17 Challenges with building a marketplace in healthcare
35:34 Group Q&A on how to manage user feedback, prioritization, & product roadmap
40:30 Group Q&A on how early stage marketplaces can leverage partnerships to drive demand
46:22 Group Q&A on how to keep supply engaged without continually driving demand
50:38 Group Q&A on building tools for suppliers as a marketplace to add additional value
54:21 Group Q&A on how Medely manages staffing quality & reviews

Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cbrucia
Medely: https://medely.com

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