EM Group Chat #146: Starting & Scaling SidelineSwap With Brendan Candon

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Brendan Candon

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #146 (11/28) with Brendan Candon, who's the Co-founder & CEO of SidelineSwap. SidelineSwap is the largest marketplace for buying & selling sporting goods and has been listed on a16z's annual Marketplace 100 as one of the fastest growing marketplaces by GMV. They've also raised $18M+ from investors like 500 Startups, FJ Labs, and eBay Ventures.

1:09 Brendan's background
3:00 The first steps for starting SidelineSwap
6:32 How SidelineSwap onboarded their first supply & solved the cold start problem
11:20 An Overview of SidelineSwap as a marketplace for sporting goods & equipment
14:44 How SidelineSwap launched a trade-in program
18:25 SidelineSwap's recent growth
23:42 The fundraising journey for SidelineSwap
28:06 Group Q&A on SidelineSwap's refund process
30:16 Group Q&A on how SidelineSwap built trust by offering a buyer guarantee
31:41 Group Q&A on category expansion & overlap
34:40 Group Q&A on disintermediation
38:29 Group Q&A on considerations with owning inventory as a marketplace
41:48 Parting marketplace advice

Brendan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brendancandon
SidelineSwap: https://www.sidelineswap.com

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