EM Group Chat #125: Leading Marketplace Investor Insights With Boris Wertz From Version One Ventures

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Boris Wertz

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #125 (2/28) with Boris Wertz, who's a Partner at Version One Ventures. Version One Ventures is a leading venture fund that's backed marketplaces like Headout, Jobber, Shippo, Patch, and more. Prior to starting Version One Ventures, Boris was the COO at AbeBooks, which was an early marketplace that was notably acquired by Amazon.

1:28 Boris's background
3:08 Marketplace learnings & insights from AbeBooks
4:44 How marketplaces have evolved
8:57 What led to Boris investing in marketplaces
10:23 An overview of Version One Ventures as an early stage venture fund
11:24 Examples of marketplaces that Version One Ventures has invested in
15:14 Marketplace trends & opportunities
17:25 Marketplace defensibility
19:31 Markets, industries, & areas of interest for Boris
20:32 Group Q&A on web3 marketplaces & protocols to build on
25:04 Group Q&A on AI for marketplaces
27:13 Group Q&A on network-based marketplaces

Boris on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/bwertz
Version One Ventures: https://www.versionone.vc

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