Our San Francisco Coworking Day & Meetup Recap

Our San Francisco Coworking Day & Meetup Recap

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October 1, 2023

The Everything Marketplaces community has quickly grown to 2,000+ marketplace founders, teams, & leaders. With the growth of the community, we've been focused on creating stronger connections with founders in the community. We have our regular community meetups, along with coworking days that we've also started doing for the community every month.

We recently had a community coworking day & meetup on 9/28 in San Francisco. We had a really great turnout with marketplace founders from the community working at open desks throughout the day and also getting help from others. We ended the day with a happy hour meetup, where we also had past group chat guests like Christelle Rohaut, Andrew Blachman, Vishal Kapoor, and Jay Patel join us. This was one of our smaller meetups, where we all had a chance to chat about marketplaces. We shared a recap post with 20+ pictures in the community that you can see here. We wanted to share more about it on our blog to help highlight some of our founders from San Francisco.

Here's a few pictures from the meetup:

A big thanks again to the Codi team for hosting us at their office. All community members can also access a member deal for Codi that they've shared with us for those looking that might be looking for a flexible office or workspace.

You can also connect with founders in cities like Los Angeles, New York City, London, & more in our meetups spaces that we have in the community. You can find all of our upcoming events on our community calendar.

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