Relaunch & The New Everything Marketplaces

Relaunch & The New Everything Marketplaces

Announcements & Updates
May 7, 2021

A screenshot of the new Everything Marketplaces community that's powered by Circle.

Everything Marketplaces started in early 2020 as a small Slack group for marketplace founders & leaders to share insights & talk about everything marketplaces. It's quickly grown to an incredible group of 550+ and everyone from bootstrap founders, to founders & leaders at some of the top marketplaces like Thumbtack, Airbnb, Hipcamp, Turo, TaskRabbit, Grailed, Chrono24, and many more.

With the recent growth, the community has also evolved from the Slack group to now being a platform & dedicated community for marketplaces founders & leaders. We're excited to launch the new & improved Everything Marketplaces.

Here’s what’s new with Everything Marketplaces 2.0:

  • A brand new platform with marketplace resources, marketplace toolkit, marketplace investor directory, marketplaces jobs board, & more
  • A members-only portal on our platform for our members directory & network, events calendar, $50k+ in member deals, & more
  • A brand new community (powered by Circle) for our members that already has hundreds of posts & conversations with some of the top marketplace minds sharing insights & helping others
  • More members-only events like weekly group chats with marketplace founders & leaders, weekly office hours, weekly founders fundraising meetings, & monthly workshops

If you’re building a marketplace or even part of a marketplace team, we’d love to have you join us. We don’t think you’ll find a group that’s as passionate about & one that knows marketplaces this well.

Request access here to join Everything Marketplaces.