More About Our Online Events Every Week

More About Our Online Events Every Week

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July 19, 2023

We're sharing a recent post on our blog from Mike Williams (Founder of Everything Marketplaces), which is more about our online events that we do every week for the community. This was previously shared as an announcement & update post in the community here.

Hey all, we’ve had lots of new members join us over the past few weeks, so I wanted to share a post here with more about our online events that we do every week for the community.

As a reminder, we do both online & IRL events, which you can see over on our community calendar. This post will be sharing about our online events more specifically so you can learn more about them, find a few that we have coming up that might be helpful, join in, & start to not only engage with the community more through our events, but also others.

Here’s more about our online events:

Weekly Group Chats

Every (or almost) Tuesday morning (PST), we have marketplace founders & leaders join us for a 50-55 minute conversation via Zoom. Our guests share more on their background, marketplace experience, learnings, unique insights, and also help answer questions with a group Q&A at the end. A few founders that have attended our group chats have mentioned that joining them is like attending a "live marketplace masterclass" since they're an opportunity for us to learn from, interact with, & meet some of the best marketplace founders & leaders.

We've had over 135+ group chats with guests like Andrew Chen & Olivia Moore from a16z, Grant LaFontaine from Whatnot, Ilir Sella from Slice, Sander Daniels from Thumbtack, Pete Flint from NFX, along with leaders like Lenny Rachitsky, Casey Winters, Dan Hockenmaier, and others join us. You can see the recordings from all of our past group chats here for reference.

Learn more about our group chats, View our Everything Marketplaces Group Chats Manual

Weekly Office Hours

If you haven't attended our weekly office hours, they're a great way to join in on a casual Zoom to meet other founders, chat through specific marketplace challenges you might be facing, & get help from others that know marketplaces best.

They're usually a small group (5-15+), and designed to help you make progress with your marketplace startup. Regardless of the stage that you're at, you can bring all of your marketplace questions that you might have and we'll chat through them in detail. Our office hours are also a great way to have that extra bit of accountability every week that you might need.

Learn more about our office hours, View our Everything Marketplaces Office Hours Manual

Monthly Fundraising Meetings

If you haven't attended one of our fundraising meetings, they're a great way to connect with other founders who are actively fundraising (typically at the Pre-Seed/Seed stages) via Zoom, discuss strategies, process, share things like investor feedback, and also get help from others in the community who are at the same stage in their fundraising journey (also others who might be a few steps ahead).

When you join a fundraising meeting, you can expect a casual, but very high quality conversation with Levi Martinez (leads our fundraising meetings) and other early stage marketplace founders. We typically have 30-35+ founders join in and our meetings are designed to help you make progress with fundraising through a smaller group setting. When you join, you'll also get that extra sense of accountability with other founders that you might need.

Learn more about our fundraising meetings, View our Everything Marketplaces Fundraising Meeting Manual

Monthly Workshops

Every month we have community workshops, which are 50-55 min live workshops via Zoom where domain experts join us to lead workshops on specific topics that are relevant to us all as marketplace founders & teams. The format is a 25-30 minute presentation, followed by an interactive group Q&A at the end.

We've had 20+ workshops on topics like search & ranking, payments, payments for B2B marketplaces, insurance, marketplace tax obligations, low frequency marketplaces, marketplace metrics & KPIs, network effects, & fundraising. You can see the recordings from all of our past workshops here for reference. 

Learn more about our community workshops, View our Everything Marketplaces Workshops Manual

Other Online Events

We have other events like our Female Founders Group Meetings, which you can learn more about over in our female founders space. We also have other meetings & other online events that we do per request from founders that might want to connect with others building related marketplaces (i.e: meeting with founders building early stage marketplaces in housing or real estate, B2B marketplaces, etc). These events are usually shared in the specific spaces where founders ask for us to do them, then added to our community calendar.

As a reminder, you can find all events & RSVP to them directly on our community calendar. If have any specific requests for group chat guests, topics for workshops, or would even like to suggest an online event for the community, please reply below sharing your feedback with us.

I also appreciate everyone for taking the time to read about our events in advance, being so respective of others on them, and really making all of our events that we do awesome. Hope to see you on some of our online events soon!

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