Everything Marketplaces Member Deals

Everything Marketplaces Member Deals

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October 9, 2022

We're excited to share that we've added new deals on marketplace tools & services for our community members. We now have 45+ deals on marketplace tools & services like Zendesk, Sharetribe, Airtable, Balance, Stripe, Notion, and more (some worth $50k+ in credits) for our members. These are deals that can save marketplaces thousands when initial building, launching, and even scaling at the later growth stages.

Marketplaces have very specialized needs when it comes to the right tools for building, offering embedded insurance, payments, and even support through services at later stages, so our member deals are specific to these. As a member you can access these deals on our member deals page. You'll notice that many also offer dedicated support, office hours, and more for our members.

If you're a tool or service provider and would like to offer a deal to Everything Marketplaces community members, you can send us a message directly here.

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