Announcing Marketplace Co-founder Match

Announcing Marketplace Co-founder Match

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June 26, 2022

As the Everything Marketplaces community continues to grow, we're finding more ways that we can better support and add value to our community members. Some of our members are aspiring founders at the earliest stages of starting a marketplace and looking for the right technical partner to help take their idea or initial MVP to launch. Others might be at larger tech companies and looking to make the jump back into starting a marketplace. With a community of such ambitious members and growing group of talent, we've started to see new connections being made, members start to work together, and even become Co-founders. After seeing this happen more frequently, we realized that there was a need for us to make it easier for our members to meet other potential Co-founders in the community, provide high signals for potential Co-founder fit, and connect directly. We also understand the importance of finding the right Co-founder with marketplace startups, since they come with unique challenges as they scale. With that in mind, we created our marketplace Co-founder match, which is specifically designed to bring together high quality members in our community who are looking for a Co-founder or to build a founding team.

We're excited to share that our marketplace Co-founder match is now live and accessible to all community members. We already have members that are former founders of successful Y Combinator backed startups, domain experts looking for technical Co-founders, and more that are using our Co-founder match.

How to get started using Co-founder match

  1. Find out more about Co-founder match here
  2. Click on "Get started" to access our Co-founder space in the community
  3. Post an introduction in the Co-founder space using the intro format & brief questionnaire provided
  4. Find intro posts from other potential Co-founders
  5. Connect directly with other members that might be great potential Co-founders
  6. Use our additional resources shared in the Co-founder match space like our questionnaires, Co-founder worksheets, and Co-founder agreement templates to get started working together on building your marketplace startup

We're excited to launch our marketplace Co-founder match to help bring together the most ambitious and talented community members that are looking to launch a marketplace startup. You can find out more about our Co-founder match and reference common questions here. If you'd like to learn more about our Co-founder match or have further questions, you can also reach out to our team directly in the community.

Not an Everything Marketplaces member? You can request access to join us here.