Announcing Our Local Community Meetups

Announcing Our Local Community Meetups

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February 28, 2022

An updated image from one of our Los Angeles community meetups, where we had 150+ marketplace founders & leaders meet in Santa Monica.

The Everything Marketplaces community has quickly grown to 1,000+ marketplace founders, teams, & leaders. Our members range from founders of bootstrap marketplaces, to those at top marketplaces like Thumbtack, Airbnb, Turo, TaskRabbit, and many more. Our online community is growing and we've built up a world-class network for marketplace startups. With the online growth, we're focusing on creating a stronger community and connections with our members, both online and offline. To do so, we've started hosting local meetups in cities like Los Angeles and London, where members are coming together to meet others and creating stronger local marketplace communities.

We're excited to share that we're starting to host more community meetups in cities like Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Toronto, and more locations this year. Our community meetups are community-led for now and range from local coffee meetups of 5-6, to meetups at venues where 30-50 members attend. Our meetups are organized in the community meetups spaces and are led by community members. Our goal is to bring a community meetup to a city near you this year and have hundreds marketplace founders, teams, & leaders form stronger connections with local marketplace communities.

Why should you attend a local community meetup?

  • You'll have the chance to meet other marketplace founders, teams, & leaders that are local
  • Building a marketplace startup is challenging, so meeting others who are local, can relate, and also help with challenges you might be facing is invaluable
  • Being able to meet other members in person that you've previously interacted with through our online community, events, & more helps build stronger relationships
  • Hanging with other marketplace founders is always a fun time! We all know you have to be somewhat crazy to start one though, so beware..
  • Get started by joining our meetups spaces in the community, then finding an upcoming meetup nearby on our community calendar

Why should you host a local community meetup?

  • You can help build strong relationships in the local marketplace startup community by bringing others together through a meetup
  • You'll have the chance to become a community leader
  • You can help founders connect with others that might be looking for help, mentorship, & more
  • This is your chance to pay it forward and help support other marketplace founders
  • Get started by posting in the meetups spaces in our community to organize with others that are local & nearby

We're excited to start hosting more community meetups this year. If you'd like to learn more about our meetups, you can visit the local meetups spaces in the community, which is where they're organized. If you'd like to find upcoming community meetups nearby, you can see our community calendar.

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