Announcing Marketplace School

Announcing Marketplace School

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May 15, 2023

Marketplaces are some of the most challenging types of startups to get started. We believe that it shouldn't be so hard to start one, so we've created Marketplace School. Marketplace School is our new online course for learning how to build & launch a marketplace startup. It’s self-guided and our goal is to help founders learn how to build a successful marketplace startup with it. We've created specific Marketplace School curriculum & course material to help guide founders every step along the way of going from initial idea, launch, to even including considerations when scaling at the later stages.

Marketplace School is the best starting point for new community members and we suggest founders spend 1-2 hours going through the curriculum, lessons, and modules from start to finish within the first few days of joining the community. Once you do this, you can then go back through the curriculum to reference lessons, the specific module(s) that are the most relevant, and resources that you can then use to make progress from the point that you’re entering at. Going through the full course again, resources, and interacting with your instructor (and other founders) typically takes a few days, to week(s) from start to finish. This is based on your level of commitment, but you can think of this as a timeframe to use for your "moving cohort" that will help you track and make meaningful progress with your marketplace.

Marketplace School is also led by an instructor to help guide founders through the curriculum, which includes some of the best experience, insights, & advice shared by 130+ group chat guests. This includes founders & leaders from top marketplaces like Thumbtack, Turo, Outdoorsy, Airbnb, Uber, Whatnot, Slice, and Reibus, along with leading marketplace investors like Andrew Chen, Pete Flint, Jeff Fluhr, and more. We’ve put this all together in a self-guided online course format, which is broken down into 12 lessons, which each have 5-10 modules (100+ total). We think it's the most comprehensive course for learning how to build a marketplace startup.

Here's a launch video sharing we made with a preview of Marketplace School:

How to get started with Marketplace School

  1. Find out more about Marketplace School here
  2. Access Marketplace School in the community here
  3. Reference our Marketplace School user manual
  4. Get started going through the Marketplace School curriculum with the welcome
  5. Reference the course lessons, modules, & resources to progress through Marketplace School
  6. Interact with the course instructor, students, and get help every step along the way. You can also share about your launch in the community launch space with others.
  7. Use our Marketplace Co-founder Match, Marketplace Investor Database, & other resources that we're making available for founders in Marketplace School.

Note that we’re going to be breaking down Marketplace School into two parts, which should help make it easier for founders to initially go through the curriculum and not be overwhelmed with 100+ modules at once. We’ll be releasing part two 1-2 weeks from now, which covers topics for those that have launched, created transactions, and are looking to learn how to start scaling.

We're excited to launch Marketplace School today, which should help more aspiring founders build & launch successful marketplace startups. You can find out more about Marketplace School and reference common questions here. If you'd like to learn more about Marketplace School, you can also reach out to our team directly in the community.

Not an Everything Marketplaces member? You can request access to join us here.