Our 2022 Recap & Year In Review

Our 2022 Recap & Year In Review

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December 27, 2022

As we wind down 2022, we wanted to reflect back on the past year for the Everything Marketplaces community and share some of the highlights. Before we do though, we'd like to thank our community members for making it all possible and 2022 our biggest year yet. Here are some highlights from this past year:

2022 Year In Review For The Community

  • We launched the new Everything Marketplaces community 2.0
  • We launched products like our Marketplace Knowledge Hub, Marketplace Co-founder Match, Marketplace Jobs, and Marketplace Investor Database
  • We relaunched The Guide To No Code Marketplaces (Second Edition)
  • Grew the community to 1,500+ marketplace founders & leaders
    -20+ countries are represented in the community including the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Poland, and more.
    -190+ female marketplace founders & leaders are now part of the community and our female founders meetup group.
  • Had 2,000+ posts in the community with marketplace founders & teams asking questions, sharing learnings, and valuable marketplace insights.
  • Created 400+ hours of content on building, launching, and scaling marketplaces for members.
  • Hosted 125+ community events
    -45+ marketplace founders & leaders from top marketplaces joined us as group chat guests (almost) every Tuesday to share their marketplace experience, insights, and group Q&A. You can see the group chat recordings here
    -50+ office hours where members met every Thursday to get help with their marketplaces. 
    -15+ founders fundraising meetings where Levi Martinez led group meetings to help founders strategize and get help with early stage fundraising.
    -5+ workshops on marketplace topics like network effects, marketplace SEO, payments for B2B marketplaces, and more. You can see the workshop recordings here.
    -Hosted 10+ local meetups in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, & more. Over 300+ community members have attended our local meetups and you can see a recap post & pictures from our biggest meetup in LA here.
  • We backed some awesome founders from the community through the Everything Marketplaces syndicate.

2022 Community Outcomes

In addition to the main community highlights, there are some notable outcomes we'd like to mention that our community achieved:

  • 90+ marketplaces in the community went from idea stage to launch
  • 10+ marketplaces made key hires from posting on our jobs board
  • $200M+ in capital was raised by the community this year from initial friends & family rounds to Series A rounds. Note that this is not including Series B to later stage growth rounds also raised by our community.

The above is a brief recap for the Everything Marketplaces community in 2022. There are so many more awesome stories of how the community has helped founders, new friendships created, and more. With that said, none of this would be possible without your support, so we'd like to thank you once again.

We're just getting started and will be sharing some exciting news soon. We'll also be launching Marketplace School, adding lots of community events, and more to help founders.

Thanks again for your support and here's to a big year in 2023!

Want to start 2023 off right? You can request access here to join us in the Everything Marketplaces community.