EM Group Chat #088: Leading Creative Market & Dribbble With Zack Onisko

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Zack Onisko

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #088 (2/15) with Zack Onisko, who's the CEO of Dribbble. Dribbble is the leading community for designers & creatives to share their work and get hired. Zack was also previously in executive roles at Creative Market, Autodesk, and Hired, so he has some really incredible marketplace experience.

0:06 Intro
1:10 Zack's background
5:24 Leading growth at Creative Market
9:17 Challenges & learnings from scaling Creative Market
13:18 Joining Dribbble as the CEO
15:13 An Overview of Dribbble
16:57 The Dribbble team & org structure
18:10 How Dribbble operates as a remote team
19:17 The trend & increase in demand for freelance designers
21:13 How Dribbble monetizes through it's hiring product offering
23:38 How Dribbble is acquiring startups
28:50 Tips for building community-driven startups
32:14 How Dribbble operates as a bootstrap startup & differentiates in a competitive market
34:16 Group Q&A on acquisition channels that have worked in the past & tips for maintaining a great company culture
41:17 Group Q&A on building a team with great technical talent in the early stages when bootstrapping
46:00 Group Q&A on what a typical day is like as the CEO of Dribbble

Zack on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/zack415
Dribbble: https://www.dribbble.com

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