EM Group Chat #093: Leading Travel Marketplace & Product Insights With Yenyi Fu From Kimkim.com

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Yenyi Fu

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #093 (3/29) with Yenyi Fu, who's the Head of Product at Kimkim. Kimkim is a marketplace that helps travelers plan & book trips by connecting them to local travel specialists. Yenyi also previously led Product at TripAdvisor for 5+ years and is an instructor at Product School, so has some really incredible experience when it comes to both travel marketplaces & product.

0:05 Intro
1:10 Yenyi's background
2:57 Leading Product at TripAdvisor
6:26 The biggest learnings & takeaways from TripAdvisor
9:55 An overview of Kimkim as a travel marketplace
13:20 How Kimkim built out tools for their marketplace suppliers & improved their marketplace success
18:07 How agencies use Kimkim on the supply-side
18:44 The markets that Kimkim operates in
19:21 The three sides (or products) of the Kimkim marketplace
23:20 How Kimkim prevents marketplace disintermediation
25:30 How Kimkim is a low frequency marketplace
29:11 Tips for early stage marketplace founders building marketplaces in the travel space
30:44 How Kimkim focused on improving marketplace success through doing the manual that doesn't scale, then productized it
34:30 Group Q&A on how Kimkim identifies, onboards, & educates agencies
37:31 Group Q&A on how Kimkim has identified what motivates it's marketplace suppliers
39:33 Group Q&A on how Kimkim prevents potential disintermediation & generates marketplace demand
45:12 Group Q&A on how Kimkim creates a personalized search & discovery experience
52:01 Group Q&A on how Kimkim sends leads & monitors performance of leads to suppliers

Yenyi on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/yenyifu
Kimkim: https://www.kimkim.com

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