EM Group Chat #058: Building & Scaling Juni Learning With Vivian Shen, Co-Founder & CEO

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Vivian Shen

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #058 (6/29) with Vivian Shen, who's the Co-Founder & CEO of Juni. Juni is an online learning platform that allows students to discover their passion by learning Computer Science, Math, English, and other subjects directly from instructors with education experience at top universities. It’s raised over $11M from top investors like Y Combinator, Index Ventures, and Pear VC.

The founding story of Juni
2:39 The first steps to starting Juni as a marketplace
4:30 Being the first supply (instructor) & teaching courses in the beginning
5:50 A breakdown of Juni as a marketplace
6:59 How Juni matches students with instructors
9:15 Marketplace metrics & measuring retention
11:09 How Juni develops course curriculum
13:30 How Juni hires instructors
5:15 The scale that Juni is at today
16:25 The subjects Juni offers & expansion
18:30 How the pandemic has accelerated Juni & online learning
21:01 The importance of community & peer groups for Juni students
24:04 Going through Y Combinator & raising from top venture funds
26:42 How referrals drive growth for Juni
29:32 Key learnings from building Juni
33:40 Experience raising a pre-seed & seed round
38:50 Hiring Juni instructors as W2 employees

Vivian on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vivianmshen
Juni: https://junilearning.com

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