EM Group Chat #081: Leading Marketplace Growth & Expansion With Sparsh Mehta From Belong

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Sparsh Mehta

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #081 (12/14) with Sparsh Mehta, who's the GM of Marketplace at Belong. Belong is a marketplace that’s reinventing the way people rent homes and is backed by top funds like a16z, GGV Capital, and Battery Ventures to name a few. Prior to Belong, Sparsh led marketplace growth at Convoy, so he has some really incredible marketplace experience.

1:10 Sparsh's background
3:55 An overview of Convoy as a leading freight marketplace
11:32 Key learnings from leading marketplace growth at Convoy
14:11 Key challenges for marketplaces as they scale
20:12 Joining Belong to lead marketplace growth & expansion
23:30 A deep dive into Belong as a marketplace & their approach
27:55 The Belong team & marketplace org structure
29:38 The markets that Belong operates in
30:28 Building the Belong new market launch & expansion playbook
35:26 The metrics that matter for Belong as a marketplace
37:23 Group Q&A on how Belong structures teams around the markets they operate in
43:25 Group Q&A on how Belong monetizes
45:35 Group Q&A on being a full managed & asset heavy marketplace
49:45 Group Q&A on marketplace constraints early on & category expansion

Sparsh on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/sparshmehta19
Belong: https://www.belonghome.com

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