EM Group Chat #107: Multi-Vendor Marketplace Insights With Ryan Lee

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Ryan Lee

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #107 (8/30) with Ryan Lee, who's the Co-founder & CEO of Nautical Commerce. Nautical Commerce is building the platform & tools that make it easy for anyone to launch their own multi-vendor marketplace in as little as 90 days. They also recently announced their $30M Series A round.

0:06 Intro
1:11 Ryan's background
5:23 The founding story & starting Nautical Commerce
7:36 The steps for launching a multi-vendor marketplace
11:26 An overview of Nautical Commerce
16:32 The types of marketplaces that can be built using Nautical Commerce
22:28 The typical requirements for multi-vendor marketplaces
26:25 The typical back office & logistic requirements for marketplaces
29:02 Tips for starting a multi-vendor marketplace
35:46 Group Q&A on how Nautical Commerce differentiates itself with other marketplace platforms
39:12 Group Q&A on the typical timeline & resources needed to go from idea to live multi-vendor marketplace
42:22 Group Q&A on metrics & milestones that can be used to measure progress when initially launching a multi-vendor marketplace
45:23 Group Q&A on the sales process when selling a platform
50:34 Group Q&A on the founder journey & starting Nautical Commerce

Ryan on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rlee0524
Nautical Commerce: https://www.nauticalcommerce.com

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