Leading Monetization & Revenue At Outdoorsy & Roamly As The Chief Revenue Officer

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Colin Gardiner

Highlight clip from the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #090 (2/28) with Colin Gardiner, who's the Chief Revenue Officer at Outdoorsy & Roamly. Outdoorsy is the largest online marketplace for booking RV’s, which recently raised $120M+ to launch Roamly, which is their insurance offering for RV owners. Prior to Outdoorsy Colin also led product at Ancestry.com and Tripping.com, so he has some really great marketplace experience.

Full recording: https://youtu.be/hXAHGwp6FPo

Colin on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ColinGardiner
Outdoorsy: https://www.outdoorsy.com
Roamly: https://www.roamly.com

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