How To Onboard & Grow Supply For An Online Marketplace

Mike Williams

Looking to launch an online marketplace like an Airbnb, Etsy, or Fiverr but not sure how to onboard your first listings and create supply for your marketplace? If so, this video is for you and I share some ways you can easily onboard your first users, have them create listings, and have initial marketplace supply. I reference Studiotime as an example and share how I built supply in the past with it. Studiotime has been called the "Airbnb for music studios" and is now the largest online community of music studios in the world with studios in 35+ countries, so the tips and insights shared in this video work.

Steps to onboard initial supply as covered in the video:

1. Understand where your supply is (online & offline)
2. Find best channel to reach them
3. Test & refine compelling messaging (value prop, etc)
4. Prompt listing creation & optimize listings
5. Create & deliver ROI

See the video originally posted to YouTube