EM Group Chat #067: Scaling Notch As A SaaS Enabled Marketplace With Jordan Huck

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Jordan Huck

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #067 (8/31) with Jordan Huck, who's the CEO of Notch. Notch is a SaaS enabled marketplace that simplifies supply chain & ordering for restaurants. It’s quickly scaled to being used by over 1,500 restaurants and has raised over $19M from top investors.

0:05 Intro
1:05 Jordan's background
2:43 Joining ChefHero, which is now Notch
4:16 The challenges that restaurants face & how Notch is solving them
7:22 An overview of Notch as a SaaS enabled marketplace
14:15 How Notch initially started, their approach, & how they've evolved
17:55 How Notch launches new markets
22:00 The tipping point for Notch & when marketplace dynamics kick in
23:52 Notch Pay & B2B payments
25:25 Metrics & KPIs that Notch focuses on
28:09 Team size & Org structure
29:58 How Notch acquires new restaurants
32:21 Key learnings & tips for early stage marketplace founders
36:10 Group Q&A on challenges with elastic supply & monetization
38:15 Group Q&A on last mile delivery
39:19 Group Q&A on competitors & different value props
47:03 Group Q&A on the fundraising journey

Jordan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-huck-4927291
Notch: https://www.notchordering.com

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