EM Group Chat #111: Learnings From Airbnb & Now Investing At AirAngels With Michelle Kwon

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Michelle Kwon

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #111 (9/27) with Michelle Kwon, who’s a Partner at AirAngels. AirAngels is an early stage fund that has backed notable marketplaces like Snackpass, Shef, Papa, and more. Prior to AirAngels, Michelle was at Airbnb where she helped launch & scale Airbnb Experiences.

0:06 Intro
1:13 Michelle's background
4:02 Launching & scaling Airbnb Experiences
7:28 How Airbnb Experiences launched internationally & expanded into new categories
9:06 The scale of Airbnb Experiences
10:14 Starting AirAngels
12:33 An overview of AirAngels as an early stage fund
13:46 Examples of marketplaces that AirAngels has invested in
16:12 How AirAngels evaluates Pre-Seed & Seed stage marketplaces
18:36 Attributes that AirAngels looks for in founders
20:30 Tips for early stage founders
22:32 Group Q&A on the metrics Airbnb looked for when scaling Experiences
27:44 Group Q&A on how to pitch a market opportunity & TAM when fundraising
30:56 Group Q&A on the challenges Airbnb Experiences faced during hypergrowth
34:45 Group Q&A on how AirAngels thinks about new or emerging markets
36:52 Group Q&A on how AirAngels thinks about travel as a category & market
40:11 Group Q&A on the future of work
43:46 Group Q&A on how Airbnb Experiences helped ensure quality

Michelle on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MiSunKw
AirAngels: http://www.airangels.co

Connect with Michelle in the Everything Marketplaces community.