EM Group Chat #090: Marketplace Monetization & Revenue Insights With Colin Gardiner

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Colin Gardiner

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #090 (2/28) with Colin Gardiner, who's the Chief Revenue Officer at Outdoorsy & Roamly. Outdoorsy is the largest online marketplace for booking RV’s, which recently raised $120M+ to launch Roamly, which is their insurance offering for RV owners. Prior to Outdoorsy Colin also led product at Ancestry.com and Tripping.com, so he has some really great marketplace experience.

0:05 Intro
1:06 Colin's background
3:33 Marketplace experience at Ancestry.com & Tripping.com
5:50 Key learnings from Tripping.com
8:12 Joining Outdoorsy
9:46 An overview of Outdoorsy as the leading marketplace for RV rentals
11:05 The market & opportunity for RV rentals
13:02 How Outdoorsy launched Wheelbase Pro as a SaaS offering to bootstrap their marketplace
16:21 Launching Roamly as an additional marketplace service & insurance offering
19:24 The nuances around offering insurance as a marketplace
22:45 The Outdoorsy team & org structure
25:06 The day-to-day as Chief Revenue Officer at Outdoorsy & Roamly
28:37 The markets that Outdoorsy operates in
29:15 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
31:55 How frequency is important for marketplaces
33:48 Group Q&A on when to offer add-ons & services as a marketplace
40:18 Group Q&A on offering insurance as a P2P marketplace for used products & goods
45:38 Group Q&A on how the pandemic impacted Outdoorsy as a marketplace
48:42 Group Q&A on how to prioritize specific customer needs when they might vary
52:18 Group Q&A on marketplace adoption rates for insurance when Outdoorsy began offering it

Colin on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ColinGardiner
Outdoorsy: https://www.outdoorsy.com
Roamly: https://www.roamly.com

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