EM Group Chat #061: Building & Scaling MarketerHire Into A Leading Freelancer Marketplace With Chris Toy

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Chris Toy

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #061 (7/21) with Chris Toy, who's the CEO of MarketerHire. MarketerHire is a leading freelancer marketplace that thousands of top startups use to hire freelance marketing professionals for their marketing needs.

0:53 Chris's background
4:03 The founding story & first steps for starting MarketerHire
7:35 An overview of MarketerHire as a marketplace
11:30 How MarketerHire built supply, demand, & scaled
14:53 How MarketerHire uses a concierge model
19:36 How the MarketerHire product has evolved & become more tech enabled
23:01 MarketerHire's recent growth & becoming a leading freelancer marketplace
24:46 General traits for startups that are successful with marketing
30:57 Hiring for marketing needs internally vs. using outside resources
42:26 Group Q&A on key hires that helped MarketerHire scale

Chris on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisToy
MarketerHire: https://marketerhire.com

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